I provide the spark to ignite your innovation.

Sometimes you just want to mix it up, gain a fresh perspective, or get a recharge. That’s where I come in, challenging your thinking and creating bespoke – and effective – solutions to your strategic challenges.

Put my unique skill set to work for you

My blend of creative thinking and business strategy is unique and defines how I approach your challenges. Leverage my perspective, experience and ideas and let’s find a way forward together. Get in touch with me.

  • Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
    Albert Einstein
  • You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.
    Maya Angelou
  • To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.
    Joseph Chilton Pierce

Some things I've done recently

It’s all about results. I help you think differently, challenge convention, unlock your inner genius and grow your business. I am a strategy & innovation consultant that works with companies, organizations and individuals on new ways of thinking as a basis for solving business/marketing/personal strategic issues. Here’s some of what I’ve done recently.

Action Research

In balancing priorities in an organization, sometimes the unique, effective idea gets lost in the “we’ve always done it this way” mentality. My role was to visit multiple schools for the Oklahoma A+ Schools program, …

Acting Brand Director

Sony Pictures Television Central Europe needed seasoned management help for their Brand/Online/Research/PR/Marketing team. I stepped in as Brand Director for several months managing a large multi-country team with a portfolio of five channels in seven …

Re-engaging Customers

The consumer video business is increasingly competitive. Pay TV content providers compete against free TV content providers for consumers’ attention. This project found a collaborator and I working with AMC Networks International and their distributors to …

Transformation: a “back to the future” approach

I did a keynote at the Oklahoma A+ Schools Conference on the topic of Transformation. The talk was typical for me – visually rich and challenging conventional thinking. Drawing inspiration from my father’s 1935 kindergarten …

Powerful Pauses

Powerful Pauses is one of my flagship talks/workshops where I get participants in touch with their creative sides. Following an inspirational talk that shows we’re all creative (maybe we’ve just forgotten that we are!) the …

True Fan Research – Digging Deeper

Ratings give a channel a general idea of who’s watching and when. DaVinci Learning Channel needed to understand how they were differentiated from the competition. Our deep qualitative research went into their viewers’ homes where …

Multi-market Brand Positioning

There’s a delicate balance between localizing your brand to allow for cultural nuances while preserving its umbrella positioning. With a brand specialist collaborator of mine, we conducted a workshop that took a four-country team on a …

New Brand Design and Launch

My wife, Judit, and I recently created and launched the lifestyle brand “Dream. Believe. Do.”

We all have dreams and sometimes they get lost in the daily grind. It’s not that we ever forget about them; …

Perspective: a look at life through a lens

One of my most-requested keynotes is “Perspective” where I use photography as a metaphor for one’s work. Drawing unique parallels between fine art, creativity and business, the visually-rich talk helps the audience develop fresh perspectives …

Some of the great folks I've worked with

  • Dennis has a talent for drawing pictures that allow the listener to open up to different points of view. He opened a window that let us look at the same things we do day in and day out, in a different way.
    Doron Hacmon, Managing Director, Product and Online Marketing Group, Liberty Global
  • Dennis’ talk, “Perspective” was the highlight keynote at our innovation incubator finals “Think Big”. His talk drew the audience in and challenged how they look at their business - and personal - lives.
    Patrycja Golos, Corporate Affairs & Policy Director, UPC Poland
  • Dennis delivered a brilliant Powerful Pauses workshop to our conference executives from the European media landscape. Executives had a chance to learn fresh strategic approaches to their business – or life – issues through Dennis’ creative methods where he combines his creativity, strategic thinking and photography.
    Krisztina Homolay, Managing Director, CTAM Europe
  • I have worked with Dennis multiple times. As a speaker, he is engaging, gives an inspiring message and challenges his audience to be thinkers, creative, and to find time to do so each day. He helps you to know that realizing your dreams is possible when you approach them in the right way.
    Sandra Kent, Executive Director, Oklahoma A+ Schools
  • Dennis always uses a variety of interactive creative tools designed to help participants share their ideas. His techniques challenge our thinking and help us open our minds to new possibilities as well as find workable solutions.
    Ferdinand Habsburg, Managing Director, Da Vinci Learning Channel
  • When we decided to review our brand strategy, we turned to Dennis. His workshop was a critical step in the process. He helped us frame the discussion, challenging our thinking and giving a voice to our brand.
    Jim Helfgott, Vice President Marketing and Sales, UPC Direct

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