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“I help people to think differently, challenge convention, unlock their inner genius and ignite change in their work and personal lives.”

Available for: U.S. & global conferences • keynote addresses • marketing & breakout sessions • panel discussions • workshops & seminars • executive trainings • team building

I see creative thinking as the basis for change and innovation. Everyone, everywhere is innovating these days. The question is: does your team have the mindset and tools needed to innovate? In my talks and workshops, I challenge thinking by blending my experience as a strategist, my passion as a creative thinking evangelist and my talent as a photographer.

Drawing on my successes in art and business, I show audiences how to tap into their creativity to move their professional and personal projects forward in unique ways.

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My Most Requested Programs Include:

Perspective: a look at work through a lens. “What’s true in photography is true in work.”

In this ever-popular, visually rich keynote, I inspire audiences by using photography as a metaphor for work. Drawing on dozens of original images, I illustrate how we can look at professional projects from new perspective using my three-stage process: 

  • Creating a clear vision and understanding its impact on a project from the start
  • Finding and utilizing resources effectively
  • Delivering something meaningful in the end


Powerful Pauses “10 minutes a day brings your creativity out to play.”

In this highly engaging, interactive talk/workshop, I show how just 10 minutes away from digital devices with nothing more than an pencil and paper can positively impact creative thinking. I teach a quick and proven brainstorming technique for drawing inspiration from within to increase our productivity and enhance our lives, professionally and personally.

Dream. Believe. Do. “Take the first step toward your dream today.”

Based on my new workbook Dreamspiration, I take Powerful Pauses to the next level in this transformative, hands on training. Participants discover how to identify the next steps in realizing their dreams by mastering each stage of my creative thinking process.


Bespoke programs are also possible!

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